The Bachelorette: Interview with Chris Lambton

. Chris and Ali Lie in the Grass

Check out this NEW interview with Ali Fedotowsky's ex, Chris Lambton! Read the full interview at!

On being the next "Bachelor":

CHRIS- Honestly, it's something that I'll have to think long and hard about because it was hard watching so much of my personal life and intimate details of dating and love on TV. It's hard to share that kind of thing with however many millions of people watch this show. It's definitely something that I'll have to really, really think about. I'm not sure if I want to share all that again.

On how he feels about Ali:

I definitely thought that we had a connection. Whenever we hung out, it was easy. We could have fun, it was never forced. And then obviously when it gets down to just Roberto and I, I think I have an even better chance ... I was definitely not angry or upset. You can't force love. And if she didn't want to reciprocate it, then she's not the right one for me. That's why I was thankful. I was thankful that she didn't prolong it if she knew 100% that it was Roberto. That shows what kind of girl she is. She's an amazing woman and she didn't want to make me hurt. If she'd kept me around for another date and then made me go to the final rose ceremony, it would've hurt me even more ... She knew what she wanted, she wanted someone else and I have to respect that. I wish it was me, but again in a relationship it takes two and it didn't work out that time.

On his new-found fame:

I get a lot of letters in the mail and people stop by. Yesterday, someone put a rose on my front porch that said, "If Ali doesn't give you her rose, will you accept mine?" I can't fathom it, I can't wrap my head around it. It's amazing. Yesterday, I went down to the beach after work and next thing you know there is literally 50 people around me taking pictures and wanna give me a hug. It's really hard to grasp. It's amazing. But I love that it's love coming towards me. It's surreal. I can't even describe it, to tell you the truth ... My dad's probably gotten just as many letters and emails asking him out as I've gotten asking me out. [laughs]

On if he thinks Ali and Roberto will last:

I think it actually will. From the moment that Roberto came back after his first date, he was kind of starry-eyed and when she looked at him ... In Turkey, I thought they were going to be the final pair. The two of them would light up when they saw each other. It just seemed like they were really, really in love. More here.

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