The Bachelorette: A Proposal in Bora Bora?

Ali Fedotowsky from the season finale of the sixth cycle for 'The Bachelorette' (airing August 2, 2010)

In the Bachelorette finale tonight, Chris Lambton and Roberto Martinez meet Ali's family in Bora Bora. Does Ali get engaged or does she pull a Brad Womack and choose neither guy in the end? "Ali's quest for love ends in Bora Bora, where her family will get to grill the two finalists. I can guarantee that at some point during the two hours, Ali will utter the phrase that is always a part of these finales: "I'm falling in love with two men!" But only one can get the final rose -- no more than one, that is. We will learn if the rampant speculation about the ending to this season that Ali is still single was in fact correct, and after Ali's decision is announced, we can rehash it all on "After the Final Rose," where Ali, Roberto, Chris, and Frank the Liar will presumably have a full bar." (via here)

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Trish said...

I can't wait to see who Ali choses tonight. I am just confused, because some sites say she is engaged others say she is still singail.