TV Guide Interview with Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison speaks to TV Guide about the Bachelorette and the Jake vrs. Vienna saga. Read the full interview here!

" Do you really think this is the last time they'll talk about it?

: Jake's like, "I'm not a fame whore," she's like, "I'm not in it for the public," I'm like, "All right then, put your money where your mouth is. Are you done after this?" I don't think either of them are. I think both of them, her to a lesser degree, have enjoyed the fame. They both got caught up in it a little bit and I think they both changed a little bit. That can happen to people, you are pulled out of your normal every day life you're thrown onto this national stage, and if you're not careful you get burned by that flame. When we're doing an interview and he's talking about his team and his people and lawyer, I'm like, "Listen to what you're saying, no one talks like that." Did you think it would get so intense between Jake and Vienna?

Chris Harrison:
No, not at all. Part of the reason I thought we should do it was because so much had gotten out about the breakup and I thought, "I know them really well, I'll be able to get them together and go through this." I knew it was contentious and it wasn't exactly an amicable split, but I didn't think it would get that heated.

More interview with Chris Harrison here!

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