The Bachelorette Week 4 Recap- Kasey Needs a Tattoo Removal

From the Ali Fedotowsky Blog.

Ali and Chris would make beautiful children and Ali should run away from Kasey. Fast.

From the blog, "The Bachelorette starts when Chris Harrison tells the remaining 11 guys that they are traveling around the world. Their first destination is New York City! Ali goes shopping to impress the guys and Ali tells her make-up stylist that she has a soft spot for Chris L, Kirk, Kasey and funny Frank. So Ali is getting a lot of slack in the media for being a boring bachelorette but I think she's sweet and real. Kasey gets the one on one date and the weatherman (aka Jonathan, it's hard to remember his name) is jealous. Not a good quality, weather guy." Read the rest here.

Bachelorette Ali and Roberto

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