The Bachelorette: Shooter shot down

Now for The Bachelorette- Episode 1 Recap....
From the Ali Fedotowsky Blog

Wow. Drama, drama, drama. Ali has quit her job at Facebook and ready for love (of course). The beginning starts very Baywatch-like with Ali running through water looking like a sexy life guard. Watch out Pamela Anderson. You may have competition on Dancing with the Stars! Now we meet the Bachelor hopefuls, Jay the Lawyor who seems like a sweet guy; shirtless Craig from Toronto who seems like a bit of a player; cutie Kyle, the lonely hunter and bear-killer who needs a woman (he hangs around animals more than women though); Wrestler "Rated R" Justin is a little scary at first but could have potential as a grandma's boy (he gets lots of air time with his family which could mean something); Biker Philip from Chicago who lost his brother. Seems sweet; Weatherman Jonathan is pretty funny. His secret weapon is his humor (according to him, not me). Looks a bit like Reid Rosenthal, which is a really good thing!; Divorcee Ty from Texas loves his doggie and wants a doggie mama; Cutie and math teacher Chris, lost his mom and seems very sweet (lots of air time..hmmm); Roberto, Tyler, Derrick, Steve, Frank don't get a lot of air time. That is usually pretty telling... READ THE REST HERE!

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