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Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky blogs about her first day as the Bachelorette. Read the full blog posting at

Ali says "What a night! Let me first say that this was the most terrifying and exciting night of my life. I’m sure it is so obvious to all of you that I was unbelievably nervous. Throughout the night I said things that didn’t even make sense.

To Chris L: “Have a good night!” Oh my. Poor guy. It’s like I was saying, “Thanks for coming! See you at the rose ceremony.” To Jesse: “You’re a what man?” I think he told me his was a “peculiar man” about four times before I actually heard him. To Roberto, when he told me his name: “You’re going to have to help me with that one.” Really? I couldn’t pronounce Roberto? Pull it together, girl! To Frank: “Paris is amazing. I’ve never been.” How would I know it was amazing if I’ve never been?

The first guy I met was Chris H. How adorable is he?! I remember thinking, “If 24 more guys like Chris H. get out of these limos, then there is absolutely no way I will be able to let anyone go tonight.” Be careful what you wish for because I met 24 more amazing men that night. Kyle reeled me in, Jonathan N. brought a little sunshine into my life and John C. proposed! I can’t believe all the things they did to get my attention. All I can say is: It worked." FULL BLOG HERE.

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