The Bachelorette: Chris Harrison Blogs

Chris Harrison blogs about The Bachelorette: Episode 1 at

According to Chris Harrison "he first episode is always hard to blog about because you’re just getting to know everybody. I do, however, love to break down the different styles the guys use to make a first impression. First off, there are way too many guys named Chris this season. I promise you, I will see to it this will not happen again. Then we have Frank, who is the first bachelor or bachelorette to ever come out of the top of the limo. Kyle, who went home, went with the fishhook maneuver — a classic move that I normally would rip apart, but you know what, it played okay. Craig M., who will undo all the goodwill Jillian created for Canada on our show, came out with a knock on Vienna. I’ve got to stick up for my friend Vienna and say, “Not a cool move, buddy.” Kirk created a paper rose for Ali."

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