Bachelor Jake Hopes ‘Everybody Understands the Decision I Made’

In the latest article with People Magazine, Jake Pavelka speaks openly about this two final choices, Tenley and Vienna. Here is a clip from the interview...

People Magazine: The final two seem like complete opposites.
Jake Pavelka: Everyone says they’re apples and oranges, but they really aren’t. They are more like an orange and a tangerine. The way they express love is very different but when you get them down to their cores, they’re exactly the same girl. I think people will probably see that by the end. That was comforting to me actually because it would be strange if I had fallen hard for two opposites. Both of the women are fun and have a ton of energy and big hearts. Vienna and I connected fiercely over conquering our fear of bungee jumping together. Tenley has been hurt before but has done a great job of being unguarded and showing me who she is like when she danced for me. They have the same family values. They just express them differently.

Were you concerned about Vienna butting heads with the other women?
Vienna got a raw deal from the girls. When other girls I knew cared about me were telling me that she was horrible, I gave it some thought. I wanted to know why but no one ever told me a valid reason to question her. Obviously I saw something. I finally said, “We’re worrying too much about what other people think and are wasting the time we could be getting to know each other better.”

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