Chris Harrison Confirms: Jake Definitely Choose Someone in the End

On Tuesday's episode of Entertainment Tonight, Chris Harrison confirmed that "Jake definitely picked one woman in the final episode." This lays rumors to rest that Jake Pavelka might have pulled a Brad Womack who choose neither Deanna or Jenni in the finale. In his article with TV Guide interview, Chris Harrison calls Rozlyn "Classless" and "Tactless" for her behavior on the Women Tell All.

From the interview: Is there anything that did not make it air on the Women Tell All?
Chris Harrison: No, we showed you everything and that was really my doing. The producers asked, "Are you good with everything?" and I said, "Yeah, I want to show everything," because I don't want to come on and say, yes, she took a swipe at me and a swipe at my family, but we didn't want to show it out of respect. Out of respect for who? It happened, so it's part of the show. Were you surprised Rozlyn continued to deny a relationship despite the details the other women gave?
Harrison: Part of me isn't surprised at all that she's just going to go down with the ship. Someone mentioned, why did you have the girls attack her, not you? Well I didn't see her, I was never a part of this, I don't live with the girls, I'm not around the house, but the girls saw it. Those weren't accusations, they were eyewitness accounts, so I wanted the girls to air everything out because I thought it would validate everything.

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