'The Bachelor' star Jake Pavelka is "in love"

On The Bachelor: Women Tell All, Jake Pavelka remains very discreet about his final decision and a proposal.

"Obviously you can't tell us exactly what happens, but are you happy with your decision?" asked Chris Harrison. "Yes. I'm happy," replied Pavelka. But when if Jake regrets anything that happened with Ali, he can't seem to answer the question. Strangely, Jake never says that he is happy Ali left the show because he is so in love (with the winner) right now. If he was truly in love, wouldn't you think he would have been glad that Ali left? Unless Ali is the winner, of course.



dannygal said...

How do we know that the "winner" is one of the two remaining girls? Chris Harrison said he picked someone and didn't pull a Brad - that doesn't mean he picked her that night! Could he have picked her (Ali) in his heart and be planning to ask her out at the Final After the Rose Ceremony? We already know he loves her! ..Hopeful!

dannygal said...

one more thing.... the rumors are swirling that Ali might be the next bachelorette. Today I read it was dependant on if she accepts. Will she be given a "choice" on ATFR to be the next bachelorette or be with Jake? Will Jake come and confess his love to her and tell her that he has made his final choice and that he wants her. Will he give the "final rose" to her. A surprise to her....as she will herself be surprised that he didn't choose either Tenley or Vienna.

Anonymous said...

MY GUESS IS THAT ALI WILL PICK NEITHER of the remaining two--I use to like to watch every minute of the show but it has gotten way to dramatic--it's like it's not at all real--& there is way to much drinking & drama--