Interview with Rozlyn Papa and Ryan Seacrest

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RadarOnline reports that "ABC could be racking up charges against Rozlyn!
Ryan Secrest interviews Rozlyn as she shamelessly flirts with him.

Hear the Radio interview here!


blama said...

OMG. Rozlyn is flirting so much with Ryan. Listen to the part where she asks Ryan if he's single.

Anonymous said...

love when Chris harrison comes on!

Anonymous said...

Honestly who really cares! Rozalyn and the producer did cross a line, why else would they fire the producer? She's lying, why? who really knows, she is loving her 15min. of fame.
Then she just has to say a comment regarding Chris with another producers wife...? WTF, obviously she is trying to fight back with dirt on Chris. If your innocent, you maintain your innocence and don't play dirty, whatever? This will blow over and she will fade into the ground where filth belongs.