The Bachelor: Jake Pavelka Faces the Women He Dumped

Bachelor Jake admits that there was some 'more tough nights that haven't even aired yet.'

Jake to Gia "When we were sitting on the bench, my heart was breaking."
Jake to Ali " I hate that you had to make that decision."

Chris Harrison asks Jake about the two on one with Kathryn and Ella. Kathryn believes that Jake 'pulled the carpet out beneath her.' Jake admits that Kathryn was not the one for him. Jake admits that he wishes he had let Christina stay, and had gotten to know her more.

Did anyone else notice that Jake and Ali barely even spoke during the WTA?

Jake admits to Chris that he is 'very happy with his final decision.'


Jane said...

I noticed. I surely did. I hope the scandal on the final show is that Ali returns at the request of him and he proposes to her and not Vienna or the other one. He and Ali belong together -- Ali -- I'm routing for you!!!


Anonymous said...

Yes!!!! Remember when Chris asked her if she could do it all over, would she pick love over work!? She said something to the effect of "knowing what I know now, yes... but I would have fought like he'll to get that job back!"
What does she "know now?" ooh I hope he calls her back and picks her over the other 2. What a great story!!!

Anonymous said...

fought like 'hell' oops! thanks, iPhone!