The Bachelor: Will Jake Pavelka get his wife?

Bachelor Blogger (and season spoiler), Reality Steve answers the bachelor questions.

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RS: Was that actually real last night? Was Ali actually given an ultimatum by her job to come back to work or lose her job?

Listen carefully. The answer to both of those questions is “yes”. I was told that Ali told ABC before ever appearing on the show that Facebook would only allow her a certain amount of time off. ABC was well aware, as was Ali, that if it came to a point where Ali lasted long in the show, it could come to this. I was told that Ali figured ABC would kinda go to bat for her a little more and get work to not offer such a strict ultimatum, if she ended up making the final four. Didn’t happen. Maybe that was na├»ve of her to think that, or maybe not, but the bottom line was, she went into the show knowing this could happen, but figured, “Hey, I’m sure they’ll be able to work something out where I can stay longer and not lose my job.”

RS: So where does that leave Ali? Is she going to be the next “Bachelorette”?

In a word: Yes. I’ve been right about everything else I was told this season, and I think you will see I’ll be right about this. It hasn’t been announced yet, nothing has been signed, and nothing is officially official just yet, but I’m here to tell you Ali is going to be the next “Bachelorette” unless she decides at the last minute to say no.
Ali from 'The Bachelor' (ABC)

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Anonymous said...

She was my favorite i can't beleive he didn't bring her back. But i hope that she finds love.