Bachelor's Chris Harrison: "You Haven't Seen the Last of Ali and Jake

TV Guide interview with Bachelor host, Chris Harrison.

Jake Pavelka, Ali, The Bachelor

The Bachelor had yet another dramatic exit this week. After her romantic hometown date with Jake, 25-year-old Ali was forced to choose between him and her job. Choosing the job — after all, she only had a 25 percent chance of receiving that final rose — Ali said goodbye. And in a series first, no rose ceremony was needed. spoke to host Chris Harrison about whether viewers have seen the last of the duo, his thoughts on the rest of the hometown dates and why Vienna and Ali are more alike than they'd care to admit. Although Ali left, in next week's preview she appears to call Jake. What can you tell us about that?
Chris Harrison: You haven't seen the last of Ali and Jake and their situation is not over. Obviously you could tell when she left, on both sides, they're not done. I'm really proud of the way they handle what's to come. Had Ali stayed, do you think she would've received the ring at the end?
Harrison: I don't know. I know that Jake was definitely falling in love with her, but I also know that she's not the only one. Usually we are more cryptic on The Bachelor by not really saying, "You're the one" or "You would get a rose." But he basically told her: Don't leave, I'm falling in love with you. He basically told her she had nothing to worry about on that night so she knew she was definitely [in the] final three at the very least. I talked to him later and said, "Would you have gone so far as to say she's the one or I love you?" and he's like, "I didn't want to do that, even if she was ... You can't make that choice for somebody, you can't say leave your job for me ... I want her to want to leave her job for me or take that chance. Were you surprised to see a more emotional Vienna this week?
Harrison: I think she's gotten a bit of a bad rap. The Vienna we've seen in the house around the other girls is very much a defense mechanism and survival instincts and being ganged-up on. Some of it was deserved, some of it was jealousy, and I think a lot of it between her and Ali was jealousy. As different as they seem, they're very much alike. They both knew they were the front-runners and were very competitive and I think Vienna got the worst of it publicly and privately. I think she's very sincere and very emotional and very much a family girl. I think the Vienna that Jake sees is more of the real Vienna.

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