'The Bachelor' recap: St Lucia

REGRETS, SHE\'S HAD A FEW... | \'\'My life is without love,\'\' whined a mournful Ali before trying (and failing) to win another shot with the Bachelor | The Bachelor: Jake
Image credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

Bachelor re-cap at Entertainment Weekly

"We open on the ''mystical'' land of St. Lucia, where a sweaty Jake is settling into his hotel room and helping producers fill time by recapping his experiences with the final three ''ladies.'' Gia is the one he stereotyped as ''a girl who was really easy on the eyes,'' but then he found out she had her book bag stolen in school and realized she has depth. Tenley was someone he thought was ''too good to be true,'' but that worry was wiped from his mind once he learned about how she was emotionally pulverized by her cheatin' ex. And then there's Vienna, the bold seductress who groped his abs right out of the limo. ''I did feel like Vienna was a very risky choice for me,'' recalls Jake, but then she literally talked him off the ledge during their bungee jumping date. ''At that moment, I realized that she was just an amazing girl.'' So what if she's ''a little immature''? They can get married and ''mature together.'' Stellar plan, my man. More bachelor re-cap here.

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