Trista Sutter Blogs About The Bachelorette: Does Ed Need Cialis?

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Original Bachelorette Trista Sutter is putting her reality-TV experience to use for us here at Watch With Kristin, blogging about Jillian Harris' quest for the perfect guy. Take it away, Trista...

Before we get into last night's episode, let me address some of my Twitter followers out there who commented on last week's blog about Wes' departure. I continue to believe that Wes is not the most sincere, the most intelligent or even the most talented of all bachelors. I do take back that he is "filth of the earth," though, and offer my apologies for going too far with a phrase that should be reserved for (as one of my tweeters said) rapists and child molesters. I also want it known that there is absolutely no excuse for threatening his family or going after his supposed girlfriend, Laurel. This show was put on TV for entertainment purposes. Wes may not be the most stand-up book on the shelf, but that doesn't mean he and his family deserve to feel unsafe in their own home.

Enough about that, moving on to last night's episode in Hawaii with the final four guys...

Controversy and drama were the name of the game last week, so I am thankful we are starting fresh (Spain to Hawaii? Jillian is a lucky girl!).

Jillian's boy time starts with Kiptyn, and on the menu is a rope course as a starter. Not much to comment on other than the cute wink he sent her during the leap-of-faith jump and the genuine support and calmness he offered her to combat her fears. The main course, however, takes them to dinner on a beautiful balcony, and Jillian immediately (well, of what we are shown) puts on a journalistic hat. I love Jillian, and I know that we only see a small percentage of their date, but does anyone else feel like she is more concerned about asking questions than living in the moment?

Don't get me wrong. Questions, answers and deep conversation are important, especially because of this incredibly unusual dating scenario. For some reason though, it just seems like a job to her, and it makes it less fun to watch (not that I'm changing the channel anytime soon!) Everyone wants to see love happen naturally, not because the guy she ends up with answered all her questions "correctly."

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Anonymous said...

Great insight you said it so perfectly it does feel like they need to give her the answer she wants to hear or they're gone. It does feel like a job interview and not the way falling in love should look. It's cut and dry in her mind it seems to be whoever says they love her and guarantees her a proposal. It doesn't feel like shes taking into consideration that a person is being real and going at the speed thats comfortable to them. Allowing love to grow and not speeding it up because of the time given on a reality show, is a much more realistic scenario. She seems to want the fairytale and the proposal and the ring and it's important to her that she accomplishes this on TV, not at a later date.
Now for the scenes in the fantasy suite, it was done tastefully with Kiptyn, but not so with Reid or Ed, I'm thinking Kiptyn had the brains and respect to orchestrate it that way. Wondering why Jillian allowed it to make her look lets say not respectable it left nothing to our imagination what she was doing behind closed doors. Other episodes we didn't know for sure which relationship was taken to that level, but her it is blantantly portrayed that it is. Like you said not only not for the eyes of her parents, but who would want to be portrayed that way?
Your new baby is absolutely adorable and your little boy is too, congrats to you and Ryan.