Bachelorette After the Final Rose Spoilers: Jillian and Ed Not Still Together?


Bachelorette fans were fuming last night as 29-year-old Jillian Harris made the decision to be with Ed Swiderski and send home Kiptyn Locke broken-hearted.

But has Jillian, who was fooled into thinking that former contestant Wes didn’t have a girlfriend, made the same mistake twice? It appears so. Spoilers for tonight’s After the Final Rose reveal that Jillian and Ed may not still be together because Ed had a girlfriend back home all along.

While we think it’s absurd to think that Ed would even go on the show with a girlfriend, let alone propose to Jillian, his sketchy on-and-off behaviour this season (remember when he bailed and went home?) has the word untrustworthy written all over it.

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Jillian/ Ed

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Anonymous said...

If it was true, Jullien wouldn't say that she is happy about the decision she made. She was saying it all the time. It looked so real during the final rose, unlike any other moments. You could see that spark in their eyes.
You could tell that she didn't feel anything for Kiptin and Reid (he is a playtoy to whom you get attracted for a while, but who is not responsible enough). Kiptin keeps alot of things to himself, he is not an open person. Ed was indeed the best choice for her. I truly wish and believe that it will last.