Chris Soules' Bachelor Blog "Ashley S is Totally Sweet"

See what Chris Soules had to say in his latest post on the Bachelor for People Magazine.  Why did Ashley Salter get another rose? 

On seeing Jimmy Kimmel: "I'm in a daze and Jimmy Kimmel is hovering over me while I'm half-awake. And he asks me if I'm naked. The truth is … I had NO idea if I was naked or not. I don't usually sleep in the buff, but it definitely happens from time to time... I had absolutely no idea the guy was going to be part of the show in any way."

1-on-1 with Kaitlyn (and Jimmy Kimmel): "All in all, though, as hilarious and "normal" as our date was, it really showed me that Kaitlyn was someone I could really see myself with. She could joke around with Jimmy Kimmel, but she could also be sensitive and romantic." 

1-on-1 with Whitney: "She's so friendly, and everyone got along with her, and we totally tore it up on the dance floor and somehow never got made! That was a night I'll never forget."

Why he kept Ashley S around: "A lot of people have questioned why I kept Ashley S. around the previous week, but as you saw this week, she's not always acting crazy; she can also be a totally sweet and cool girl, and I wanted to keep getting to know her better. And of course she's beautiful."

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