Bachelor Chris Soules isn't Scared off by a Little Virginity

In his new blog post for People, Bachelor Chris Soules writes about what happened last night on the show. Ashley I. is a virgin. So what, says Chris, Read what Chris had to say about episode 4.  
On Ashley Salter: "Everyone keeps asking me about her. Truth is, the week before she had been totally normal, and I was excited that night to really get to know her better. Whether it was the full moon or the camping vibe, something brought out Ashley S.'s, uh, "eccentric" side. When we did sit down to talk, she tried to have a deep conversation with me. The only problem was that I had absolutely no idea what she was saying. And then she told me she loved me. Yeah, that was uncomfortable." 

On Ashley I "The Virgin:" "Now, maybe I was a little foggy from a night of drinking whiskey around the campfire, but I did not get what Ashley I. was trying to tell me. Here's a little lesson for you ladies: Men are pretty simple when it comes to words. If you have something to tell us, like say, I don't know, that you're a virgin, just tell us! Spell it out for us."

Sending Jillian home: " I knew in my gut that Jillian wasn't the one for me. I couldn't in good conscience give her that rose. Saying goodbye to her was not easy, but I'd have been lying to both of us if I had kept her around. I know Jillian felt like she wishes she'd opened up more, but it wasn't even that." 

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