Desiree Hartsock says: "I'm in Love with Brooks"

In Desiree Hartsock's new blog post for People Magazine, the Bachelorette admits that she is falling in love with multiple guys. Here's what Des had to say about her men.

Brook Forester, "I knew that Brooks was reflective and needed reassurance, but I has no idea that we may not be on the same page. I wish he had felt comfortable enough to tell me what he was feeling... I felt like he could be the one for me."

Chris Siegfried, "Dinner with Chris that night in town was beyond romantic. It was nice to learn more about his family. But the ultimate treat was another poem he wrote that ended with him saying he loved me. That was more than I had expected that night. It meant so much to me that he was able to be so vulnerable."

 Zak Waddell, "Zak's positivity and charisma are infectious and I always enjoy being around him."

Drew Kenney, "Drew has such sincerity and kindness that reflects in his eyes. His heart and loyalty made me want to meet the family, so that is why I chose to give him the rose that day."

On sending Michael G. home,"I was glad that he could share his feelings with me, and Michael is a great guy with so much to offer, but I wasn't sure if I could see a lasting future with him."

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