Meet Desiree Hartsock's 25 Bachelors!

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, May 27th! 

Meet Desiree's 25 suitors:
Ben Scott, 28, an entrepreneur from Dallas, TX
Brad McKinzie, 27, an accountant from Denver, CO
Brandon, 26, a painting contractor from Costa Mesa, CA
Brian Jarosinski, 29, a financial advisor from Baltimore, MD
Brooks Forester, 28, a marketing consultant from Salt Lake City, UT
Bryden Vukasin, 26, an Iraq War veteran from Missoula, MT
Chris Siegfried, 27, a mortgage broker from Seattle, WA
Dan Cox, 30, a beverage sales director from Las Vegas, NV
Diogo Custodio, 29, a ski resort manager from Lake Tahoe, CA
Drew Kenney, 27, a digital marketing analyst from Scottsdale, AZ
James Case, 27, an advertising executive from Chicago, IL
Jonathan, 26, a lawyer from Hickory, NC
Juan Pablo Galavis, 31, a former pro soccer player from Miami, FL
Kasey Stewart, 29, an advertising executive from San Luis Obispo, CA
Dr. Larry Burchett, 34, an ER doctor from Berkeley, CA
Micah, 32, a law student from Denver, CO
Mike Garofola, 33, a federal prosecutor from Miami Beach, FL
Mike R., 28, a dental student from Dallas, TX
Mike Tenerelli, 30, a plumbing contractor from Winfield, IL
Nick M., 27, an investment advisor from Charlotte, NC
Nick R, 26, a tailor and magician from Chicago, IL
Robert Graham, 30, an advertising entrepreneur from Los Angeles, CA
Will Smith (aka Fresh Prince), 28, a banker from Chicago, IL
Zack Kalter, 28, a book publisher from Newport Beach, CA
Zak Waddell, 31, a drilling fluid engineer from Mico, TX

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