Selma Alameri: "Sean Lowe lied to AshLee!"

It's a case of he said, she said. Sean Lowe said one thing and AshLee Frazier said another. The Bachelor's, Selma, says that Sean lied to AshLee during the Women Tell All. 

Here's what Selma had to say in a series of tweets: 

 "AshLee............. All I have to say is, let's all be real, whether we liked that she called Sean out or not, no one is just gonna make something up like that! I am a fair person, I don't take sides (ever) when someone is right, they are right (friend or not)... Sean lied and that's that! He looked like a liar. The daughter of a pastor is not gonna come out on national television in front of 'God all mighty' and lie to all his creations! End of story! Very awkward moment for him tho...Felt that heat from a mile away! Way to give it to him Ash."

Who do you think is telling the truth?

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heather r said...

Selma needs to be really careful of using this "she a daughter of a pastor". That has NO ruling. I know many pastors kids who lie! Why would Sean say anything like that. I'm sorry AshLee seems like a super sweet girl but she is very dependent on someone fixing her being abandoned. Girl you were adopted by an amazing family at 7, why do you still need someone to help you with your abandonment issues, you need to deal with them personallg before you try to marry someone!