Why does The Bachelor's Sarah Herron have one Arm?

America fell in love with The Bachelor's, Sarah Herron, on day one. Sarah was the Bachelor contestant with one arm who refused to let her physical disability stand in her way. Why does Sarah only have one arm? Sarah was born with amniotic band syndrome, which means that "Sarah’s left arm became entangled in the fibrous bands during
development. The bands constricted her arm just above the elbow. The constriction continued to the point of amputation so Sarah was born with an incomplete left arm," according to Babymed.com.  

Who is Sarah Herron from The Bachelor? 

If Sean Lowe sends Sarah home, will she become the next Bachelorette? Would you like to see Sarah Herron as the next Bachelorette?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I would love to see Sarah become the next Bachelorette! She is an amazing person and beautiful woman.

Anonymous said...

Need a place to vote for Sarah Herron she would be my choice