The Bachelor's Selma Alameri Speaks out!

In this recent interview with People Magazine, The Bachelor's, Selma Alameri, speaks out about Sean and his relationship with Tierra.

Get to know this Bachelorette: Who is Selma Alameri?

Why didn't you kiss Sean on your date?
Selma Alameri: I don't believe that showing affection in public is a bad thing but my mom does. ... Her one simple request was don't make out with somebody on television. ... She didn't mind that I was going to do the show, which is so huge, and she clearly knows that I go on dates and that I've kissed a boy before. We have such a strong culture and my family is big in my life, so I needed to test Sean to see if he'd respect my family and culture.

 Was Tierra as bad as she was portrayed on television? 
Selma: Tierra was definitely the black sheep. ... She just doesn't know how to get along with other girls. Not everybody can handle dating a man with [25] other women –she was so good at switching it on and off. She's got Sean so fooled.

Read the full interview with Selma Alameri at People Magazine!

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