Desiree's Brother Responds on Twitter!

What does Desiree's brother, Nate, think of Sean Lowe and The Bachelor? Nate Hartsock responds about his playboy comments on Twitter! Here's what he thought about Desiree's hometown date with Sean...

@nate_hartsock83 Thank you, I was only doing what I thought was right, regardless of what people say! #NoRegrets

@nate_hartsock83 Thanks, what happen the other times. I just called it like I saw it. #nofear

Nate tells Life & Style Magazine, "(Desiree) totally blames me for her not being with Sean...I could tell that it wasn't meant to be, and it's obviously not meant to be now, so I'm happy."

Desiree also defended her brother by tweeting:  
@DesHartsock : You can’t ruin something that isn’t complete so be easy on my bro. A man who truly loved me would see past the family member I hardly see.

 We can't wait to see what Des has to say at the Women Tell All? Will her Desiree's brother attend the Women Tell All too? 

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