TV Guide Interview with Bachelor Host Chris Harrison!

In this NEW interview with TV Guide and Bachelor host, Chris Harrison, he talks about episode 3 of the show!

Were you surprised that Sean ended up letting Kacie go before the rose ceremony?
Chris Harrison: 
Honestly, no. I don't think he was that intrigued when she stepped out of the limo, but thought, "I'll give her the benefit of the doubt." He wasn't looking for a reason to keep her, he was looking for a reason to let her go and as soon as she jumped in the middle of the drama it was like, "OK, perfect, there's my excuse." I can't believe that was her strategy!

Bachelor couple Split! Lindzi Cox and Kalon McMahon break-up! 
Any teases for next week's continuation of Tierra drama?
Everything gets worse! He really likes Tierra so it's human nature. The more he likes her, the more attention she gets and the more pissed off the girls get.

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