Sean Lowe's Sister Blogs about The Bachelor!

Want to get the inside scoop about the Bachelor? Check out Sean Lowe's sister, Shay's Bachelor blog! Here's what Shay had to say about The Bachelor, Episode 1! 

Uncle Sean: "The scenes you saw with Sean and my kids at my parents' house were really easy to film because he really does play with them like that all.the.time.  Every week, Sean sees my kids and they play.  He doesn't just turn on the "uncle" when the camera crew shows up.  Toddlers wouldn't participate with someone who was just doing it for the cameras...the relationship between him and my kiddos is genuine."

Shay's Picks: "I really liked last night's episode.  I thought he had a lot of really beautiful women to meet and get to know.  I felt bad for the ones who had mishaps (the girl who tumbled, the girl who sang).  I really liked what Kacie B. was wearing...she gets my vote for best dressed of the night.  I did think there was a wee bit too much spray tan going on several girls...ok...a lot too much on many girls.  But overall...based on what I saw, there were some fun, interesting and gorgeous girls there to meet my brother."

Thanks Shay for the inside scoop! 

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Dave Haston said...

I think that miss T is a fake and coniveing. I hope your brother sees it sooner then later cause she makes my stomach turn. D. H. II