Sean Lowe "I could fall in love with AshLee"

Sean Lowe Blogs about The Bachelor, Episode 3! In his new blog for People Magazine, Sean Lowe talks about his 1-on-1 dates with AshLee and Lesley.

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His date with Lesley Murphy: "She was the perfect choice because I felt so comfortable around her from the beginning. Lesley broke the ice on the first night by having me bend over with the football, and I've enjoyed my time with her ever since. Women like Lesley are hard to find. She is not just sexy, smart and funny, but she's also really easy to be around."

Sean's date with AshLee: "AshLee quickly became a frontrunner and I knew if given time I could fall in love with her...I don't usually cry, but hearing her describe the day she met her father and how he told her he would love her forever brought me to tears. It was then that I understood where AshLee's compassion comes from and I had a whole new appreciation for the person that she is."

Sending Kacie B home: "I had no idea that there was any drama occurring between Amanda and Des, so I was surprised to hear Kacie bring it to my attention. If I seemed frustrated when talking to Kacie, it's because I was! I had a hard time understanding why Kacie involved herself in this drama if she's not directly affected. After all, neither Amanda nor Des felt like they needed to say something, so why did Kacie?"

The woman who impressed him: "The woman who really stood out above the rest that evening was Lindsay. Until now, I viewed her as the fun girl who wore a wedding dress. Well, I think the wedding dress masked the depth that she possesses. When we sat down that night she told me how badly she wants to love and about how her parents have an amazing marriage and how she wants to find someone to share life with. I was blown away!"

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