Chris Harrison Blogs about the Bachelor, Week 3!

In his NEW blog for Entertainment Weekly, The Bachelor's Chris Harrison blogs about a shirtless Sean Lowe (yet again) and episode 3! Here's what he had to say:

Sean Lowe and Lesley's makeout date: "After I was lucky enough to have an awkward front row seat to watch Sean and Lesley make out I got to spend a day at the beach on the group date. This date was held down at Zuma Beach in Malibu, only about ten minutes from the Bachelor mansion. The girls were having a good time but they knew something was coming. Once I broke the ladies up into two teams they actually went and practiced for a bit with two professional beach volleyball players. After a good practice session with the pros it was time to play."

 Calling Kacie B a "crazy person" and sending her home: "Speaking of mistakes, boy did Kacie step in it this week. I’m not sure what the thought behind her strategy to get involved in the drama or bringing it up to Sean was, but man it backfired. After having been through this once before I was a little surprised she wasn’t a little savvier. Sean, who was already a little skeptical about her being there, was really thrown off by this and he ended up sending her home." 

Tierra falling down the stairs: " Tierra slipped and fell down some stairs but nobody really knows how bad it really was. It didn’t seem to be too bad or maybe Sean is a miracle cure for a concussion, because when he showed up she got real good, real quick. Tierra did not go to the hospital, by her own request."

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