Bachelor Spoiler Alert: Sean gets a Surprise Visitor in St Croix

Bachelor Spoiler Alert! Don't read if you don't want to know. According to Bachelor blogger, Reality Steve, Sean Lowe will get a surprise visitor during his date in St. Croix. Will Kacie B come back for Sean? Will Arie show again? Nope! Here's what Reality Steve writes on his website:

"Sean’s sister Shay shows up in St. Croix to talk with Sean. Shay doesn’t meet any of the women as far as I know, but, Shay’s birthday is Oct. 25th, and that was the day of the rose ceremony in St. Croix, so Sean had her flown out for her birthday. The day of the rose ceremony is the day that Tierra has her meltdown and basically Sean sends her packing before the rose ceremony ever takes place."

So long Tierra! You will not be getting a rose.

Photo: ABC

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Anonymous said...

I really hope its true that Tierra gets sent home cause she acts just like Courtney did