Jessie Sulidis Blog Recap: Final Rose Ceremony

Written By: Jessie Sulidis

Last night was the finale for Bachelor Canada and I feel all of Canada got the happy fairytale ending we were hoping for. Brad Smith chose the good girl Bianka Kamber over the manipulative Whitney Lee.

You could tell right from the start that Brad was at his last ends with Whitney. They’ve only known each other about 4 weeks total and probably only spent 6 actual full days together at this point. You shouldn't have to be working at your relationship already and having bumps and kinks in the road. It should be smooth, fun and easy right now like his relationship with Bianka. Whitney shouldn’t have made it this far. I think Brad finally realized this last night. It will be interesting to see his reaction to seeing her next week at the After the Rose episode.

I can tell they horribly edited Whitney’s meet the parents date to make her look more awkward by cutting and slicing clips to make more dramatic pauses. I can't handle how badly the edited her. Sure she probably fumbled over her answers but no way had she just sat there awkward. I know how some people can get really nervous meeting the parents.  I thought my boyfriend, Jordan, was going to pass out and puke within the first 20 minutes of his first dinner meeting with my parents. Now he's great. However, Whitney should have put more of an effort in and pushed passed her nerves. You're an adult. It's not cute anymore.

Bianka, on the other hand, nailed it with Brad's family. She was so much more relaxed and able to communicate and connect with Brad's sister and mom which is a huge advantage. She proved she’s able to handle herself in a group setting and can be involved in conversation with his family. She seemed to get the total approval from his family. I can really see why these two will be great together. They’re personalities just mesh perfectly.

The Whitney/Brad breakup pre-rose ceremony was ridiculously awkward! Whitney handled it so oddly and selfishly and  it didn't even make sense what she was saying. Good on Brad to get rid of her before she made a fool of him in the end. I like when they send the girl home before the final rose. It's respectful instead of the Ashley Hebert and Ben Flajnik breakup when Ben took one knee to propose just seconds later to be shutdown.
Bianka looked absolutely beautiful in her rose ceremony dress. Such a great choice for her. I love the white on black hair contrast. The jewelry was so nice and simple and elegant as well. Brad was so cute during the proposal. His tears were so sincere and you can tell he really loves her and that this is totally real for him. I wish them a lifetime of happiness.

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Anonymous said...

In the interviews on Canadian tv this morning, Brad said the dinner with Brad's family and Whitney was really awkward.