Bachelor Canda Recap: Brad Smith proposes to Bianka!

In a serious shocking finale, Brad Smith gives his final rose to nurse, Bianka Kamber! 

Brad Smith took both girls on individual dates in his hometown of Hudson, QC, introducing them to his father, mother, sister, brother-in-law, nephews, and best friend. The family-favourite was soon made clear, as Bianka’s warmth and personality outshone Whitney’s uncomfortable and closed-off demeanor. Worried about the man Brad became when around Whitney, his family felt that Bianka was the better match. Brad was then off to Barbados for the final dates of the season. Hoping to make up for their less-than-enjoyable sea-kayaking adventure, Brad and Bianka mounted some horses for a fun game of polo before enjoying a romantic dinner on the beach.

Whitney’s date brought her and Brad aboard a luxury yacht for a day on the ocean, but even the beautiful sunset couldn’t dissipate the tension that was building between them. Struggling with their inability to fully communicate with each other, things took an explosive turn the following day when the two confronted one another and Whitney ultimately decided to leave.

Brad was able to follow his heart straight to the one who had truly captured it – Bianka. Back on the same beach in Barbados where he had admired his parents love and discovered that he was ready to settle down, things came full circle in one heartfelt and emotional moment, as Brad got down on bended knee and asked Bianka to marry him. Their search for love ended when she happily accepted the proposal – and the final rose.

Source: CityTV Press Release

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