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Former Bachelorette, Jessie Sulidis, (and her boyfriend Jordan) talks Bachelor Canada, Episode 4! 

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Last night on Bachelor Canada, we were taken on a journey through truths, tears, pain, laughter and breaking barriers. It was a really enjoyable episode that brought out emotions and real feelings from the cast. It made this week easier for the audience to relate to the girls and their journey. 

One thing different about Bachelor Canada is that Brad has been cutting girls left, right, and center. I understand and support this process. If you don't see yourself with someone let them go so you get more time with the women you have a connection with. The Bachelor is only a 6 week process and then you're engaged. You barely spend any time together when there's a bunch of girls still around. It really cuts one-on-one time, especially on group dates. So I agree and approve of Brad's decision to send more girls home. 
Brad and Britany get cozy at the photo shoot
A lot of the dates are getting more and more similar to the American bachelor dates, especially with the infamous magazine photo shoot date and the repelling down the mountain. I guess it's hard to think of new ideas since so much has already been done. I remember how jealous I was that I wasn't chosen for the photo shoot date on my season for In Style Magazine. I definitely thought that Britany was able to overcome her insecurities on this date and I am a fan of hers. I think she is incredibly sweet and possesses innocence that a lot of the other girls don't. I was also still on the Kara wagon this week. Hoping to see her on a hometown date. 

The Whitney visit: It was so obvious the producers told her to go find Brad! You don't just guess the top secret location!  It was a very touching story Brad shared with the viewers and Whitney last night, and it was nice to see more of a serious, emotional side to him. Whitney definitely has staying power now that she knows this intimate detail of his life. Not only did he share an intimate moment but they also faced one of his biggest fears with her (like Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi did on my season). It definitely brings people together. I have a bad feeling she will be top 2. :(
Brad chooses Bianka over Laura B
Date in Paris: What an amazing budget Bachelor Canada  seems to have... Paris? Every week there's somewhere even more amazing. Moreover, Paris was the dreaded two-on-one date. They approached it differently this season as typically the girls share a date. I think its great Brad's ensuring he gets to spend quality time with the girls. I remember how dramatic it was on my season when both Kathryn and Ella were sent packing the same night. Made for an interesting twist. I could tell he was going to go with Bianka. Guys are more attracted to a secure woman that possess a little challenge. 

I have to comment on the product placement as it's been an all time ridiculous high. On the American series, we had to cover all logos and brands with duct tape as they don't endorse so it's funny to see how drastic they promote logos on Bachelor Canada. The most ridiculous was the date with The Bay blankets and Coors Light. I guess it works though since I remembered it and I have a terrible memory. But seriously everyone has been commenting on it. 
Brad will be meeting Gabby's parents

I have to say I disagree with sending Britany and Ana home over Gabby. I can't stand to watch another week of Gabby vs. Whitney. They both are like nails on a chalk board. Well, Ana and Britnay won't have any problems finding a date now. The newly added show attention will flood them with date offers. You go Girls! 

I'm looking forward to seeing Kara's hometown date. She's the one I'm rooting for now to make it to the end. 

My boyfriend, Jordan, added this Blurb:

"I feel like they have been spending so much money going to all these extravagant places that they are making him cut the girls quicker so they don't go over budget.   As much as I wanna support a fellow Calgarian in Whitney, she has gotta go! I promise all the girls from Calgary are not like her.  My favourites are definitely Kara and Britany at this point.  Kara is pretty and doesn't try too hard.  I think she is one of the most genuine ones left.  Britany is a small town girl from Saskatchewan and like I tell my girlfriend, Jessie, small town people are the best.  Ana is really pretty but her voice really grates on me. I also had some trouble hearing the sound portion when Bianka got the rose because Brad's jacket was so loud. I am interested to see what Whitney will do on the Calgary hometown date next week.  I am on the same page as Jessie for sure, Kara is also my favourite so I hope she wins."
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