'Bachelor Canada' Who is Host Tyler Harcott?

He might not be Chris Harrison but he sure does know his roses. Meet the new host of Bachelor Canada, Tyler Harcott!

Tyler Harcott and his 4 year old daughter! So cute!

Who is Tyler Harcott?  

Hometown: Originally from Calgary, Alberta and later moved to LA and New York.

Family: He has a young daughter.

Occupation: Hosted a trio of programs for StarTV; wrote and produced "Wired" for A-Channel Calgary. He also landed the host role for the Emmy-nominated series “Junkyard Wars” for TLC. He later went to sea and lived on a cruise ship with 50 Miss America pageant contestants, hosting TLC’s “Miss America: Countdown To The Crown.”

Hobbies: Tyler Harcott loves to travel! He has travelled and hosted shows in such places as South East Asia and the Middle East,  India, Dubai and Indonesia.

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