Chris Harrison Blogs about the Bachelor Pad Finale

In his NEW blog post for Entertainment Weekly, Chris Harrison blogs about the dramatic
Bachelor Pad finale!

Here's what Chris Harrison had to say: "From the moment you arrive at Bachelor Pad the fact that you are playing for a quarter of a million dollars is always on your mind. Nobody, especially nobody in Rachel’s alliance, gave a damn about Nick. Not only did they not care about him, but they didn’t think he had a chance to make it to the finals. Nick was expendable and he was being used. Rachel, Michael, Jaclyn and Ed were only keeping Nick around until it was time to put him out of his misery and vote him off the show. As soon as he wasn’t useful anymore he was going to go… at least, that was the plan. Even while he was sitting on the stage, nobody in Rachel’s alliance felt he deserved the money or even to be up there. The only problem with that thought is whether you think somebody “deserves” it or not, he was there. I thought Kalon really put it in perspective when he told the other contestants that they didn’t really understand the true meaning of the word “deserve.” You can read Chris Harrison's full blog posting at!

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Anonymous said...

Nick was classless, disgusting and greedy. What he did speaks volumes of his character LACK OF integrity and morals. The GAME had limits moral limits he did not have any moral traits that's why it wasn't hard for him to have that sneaky smerky smile on his face when he saw Rachel had the SHARE card he planned it that way for weeks he clapped and appalled her for picking the share card all along knowing he was a POS! Tell him to use the money to buy himself a shirt his naked profile picture on twitter makes me sick! IF BP EVER HAS HIM BACK ON FOR ANYTHING YOU WILL LOSE 12 people who watch your show
Nick choke on your money your despicable and think you deserve a pat on the back you deserve nothing this will come back to you one day in ten foul