Who Wins Bachelor Pad 3?

Chris Bukowski chats with Jamie Otis on Bachelor Pad 3!
Check out your latest scoop and spoilers on Bachelor Pad 3! In this NEW interview with Bachelor Pad's (and Emily Maynard's ex), Chris Bukowski, he talks about love and what's really happening at BP3!

Did seeing Emily and Jef together on the finale last night give you a sense of peace about the fact that she let you go?
Yeah. I mean, the only person who knows who’s right for Emily is Emily. But I think she chose the right guy and I think they’ll be happy together. And I do feel better about things. If she’s happy and he’s happy, then I’m happy.

How did Bachelor Pad happen?
It came quick! They asked me right after I got sent home. I jumped on it because, let’s face it, you don’t get the chance to win $250,000 too often. But it was also a chance for me to meet new people, maybe even meet the right girl…

Now that you’re done filming for the time being, what’s it like to be back in real life?
It’s pretty crazy. Real life isn’t real life anymore. People recognize me here and there and want to take pictures, which is awesome. And I’ve been traveling a lot. I’m looking forward to being back in Chicago once things settle down a bit....You can read the full interview here!