Interview with Chris Harrison from The Bachelorette!

In this NEW interview with Chris Harrison and TV guide, Chris Harrison talks about the final three on The Bachelorette!

"I honestly could not see her with Chris, and Emily couldn't either," Harrison tells us. "The date itself went great, but it was clear the three other guys are spectacular and hard to beat."

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The remaining three, especially Arie, seem so sure they're the one.
Harrison: All three of them have expressed their love for her, and she gives them that confidence because she's reciprocating. They all feel that and continue to. Nothing falls apart all of a sudden. It's getting better and better, but worse and worse for her because of that.

Next week are the fantasy suite dates. Does Emily struggle with whether to accept?
Harrison: Of course there is an issue. In this scenario, it's interesting because Emily is a mom so there's definitely a conversation about it. Things aren't going to get easier, and Emily's not going to get an easy out. From here on out it's Emily trying to choose a lifestyle, a father for Ricki and a great man and husband for herself. These guys get better each week and in my opinion she's narrowed it down to three phenomenal guys.

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