Interview with Chris Harrison, 'Bachelorette 2012'

In this NEW interview with The Bachelorette's. Chris Harrison, and TV guide, he talks about Emily and her 1-on-1 dates. Here is what he had to say...

TV Guide: Emily's first one-on-one date was baking cookies. Do you think Ryan was disappointed in the lack of adventure or glam?
Chris Harrison
: Sure. There's no way that he would've thought the first date was going to be baking cookies and taking them to Ricki's soccer practice. That was the biggest reality check ever and sets the tone for the season. But he enjoyed the date and loved spending time with her and then there was the nighttime part. That's the whole thing with Emily, she can be a mom and then she puts on a red dress and you're like, "Holy cow."

Were you surprised she axed Joe on her first week of one-on-ones?
It definitely sent an early message to the guys because no one thought he was going home on the first date — that just doesn't happen. So that sent ripple effects throughout the house like, "Wow, she's really serious about it!" and now they're like, "I might just settle for the group date." Read the full interview with Chris Harrison at TV Guide.