Bachelorette Season 8 Begins New Season Tonight

Is Emily Maynard engaged? Did Emily find love? Will Brad Womack be watching The Bachelorette starring his ex? Tune into the Bachelorette tonight and watch Emily Maynard (hopefully) find love again. Here are her 25 guys:

* Aaron, 36, a biology teacher from Long Beach, CA
* Alessandro, 30, a grain merchant from St. Paul, MN
* Alejandro, 25, a mushroom farmer from San Francisco, CA
* Arie, 30, a race car driver from Scottsdale, AZ
* Brent, 41, a technology salesman from Fresno, CA
* Charlie, 32, a recruiter from Nashville, TN
* Chris, 25, a corporate sales director from Chicago, IL
* David, 33, a singer/songwriter from New York, NY
* Doug, 33, a real estate agent from Seattle, WA
* Jackson, 29, a fitness model from Lockport, IL
* Jean-Paul, 35, a marine biologist from Seattle, WA
* Jef, 27, an entrepreneur from Salt Lake City, UT
* Joe, 27, a field energy advisor from Los Angeles, CA
* John “Wolf,” 30, a data destruction specialist from St. Louis, MO
* Kalon, 27, a luxury brand consultant from Houston, TX
* Kyle, 29, a financial advisor from Long Beach, CA
* Lerone, 29, a real estate consultant from Los Angeles, CA
* Michael, 26, a rehab counselor from Austin, TX
* Nate, 25, an accountant from Los Angeles, CA
* Randy, 30, a marketing manager from Hermosa Beach, CA
* Ryan, 31, a pro sports trainer from Augusta, GA
* Sean, 28, an insurance agent from Dallas, TX
* Stevie, 26, a party MC from Staten Island, NY
* Tony, 31, a lumber trader from Beaverton, OR
* Travis, 30, an advertising sales representative from Madison, MS

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