The Bachelorette "New Season will be Different"

Get ready Bachelorette folks, this season will be drastically different than previous seasons. According to Bachelor host Chris Harrison, "Emily's season is drastically different than anything we've ever done."  In a recent press interview, here's what Chris Harrison has to say about this season of The Bachelorette.

Will there be references to Emily's ex, Ricky and NASCAR? 
Harrison: You know, first of all, people need to understand that, you know, Emily loves, you know, the track.  She loves racing.  That is a huge part of her life and her family. You know, not to go into the history of what happened, but, you know, Ricky died at a racetrack.  She doesn't have bad memories of the racetrack.  She actually has very fond memories and a great love.  We talked about this at length.
So these aren't bad memories for her and it's not a bad thing.  The fact that - and people also need to understand that I don't want to get too detailed about this, but NASCAR and open wheel racing might as well be two different sports, two different worlds all together.  You really can't compare, you know, what Arie does and did for a living to, you know, NASCAR world; it really is.  

Is Emily Maynard ready to be The Bachelorette? 
She's ready and she's excited.  But one thing, you know, there's also a very vulnerable side to her. We all have our insecurities and she's no different.

As a newly single (divorced) man, will you ever be the Bachelor? 
I am getting out of a 22-year relationship and having just announced my divorce to the world a week ago, having two kids and trying to start a new life, I'm thinking I wouldn't exactly be a great candidate to be the bachelor right now or probably any time soon.

The Bachelorette 2012 premieres tonight at 8:00 p.m.

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