Bachelorette Interview with Emily Maynard!

In this NEW media interview with Emily Maynard, our Bachelorette answers questions about love and being the Bachelorette.

Why did you choose to be the Bachelorette? 

Emily Maynard: I had a million reservations about being The Bachelorette.  They (ABC) had asked me to do it previously and I said no to anyone who would listen.  I told everybody I would never do it - never in a million years.  And then, time went on and after coming off the breakup with Brad Womack, the last thing on my mind was putting myself through all these again - and even dating really.  And then, we started talking about it a couple of months later and they were just so accommodating with (my daughter) Ricki and moving the entire production to Charlotte.  I just thought that it is such a great opportunity that I could not pass up.
Are you in love right now? 
Emily Maynard: You know, I don't know. I don't know. You have to watch.  I'll get in trouble.
Last week, you said in your blog for People Magazine, you thought it was Brad Womack who was in the helicopter. Were you disappointed it wasn't him? 
Emily Maynard: I definitely thought it was going to be Brad or Bentley getting out of the helicopter.  I just thought there is no way just some, you know, random guy would make an entrance so gigantic I guess.  I was stressing out a little bit to be honest waiting for whomever to get out of the helicopter. But I don't know how I would have reacted to be honest. I tried to stay open to everything and I'm just really glad that everybody I met the first night was a fresh face and someone that I had never met before.
Do you have a job? 
Emily Maynard: Obviously, there is a lot more to me just being a mom.  The biggest part of my everyday is just running errands and doing mom stuff though but I also teach a class in my church at a middle school close to my house on Thursdays, and take photography lessons.  I'm a mentor to a little girl at a school close to the downtown in a lower income part of town that I go to see probably twice a week to have lunch with her. 
What do you think of dating another race car driver (Ari)? 
Emily Maynard: I was really just grateful that Ari was so open about it the very first night he told me.  But I know about NASCAR.  I don't know anything about Indi Car and they're very - they're two completely different worlds.  I have never even seen one before. And I mean Ari is such a great guy.  He could be a taxi cab driver and I wouldn't have cared.
Why did you send Brent, the father with 6 kids, home the first night?
Emily Maynard: I am open to anything and I would - the opportunity to be a stepmom is a blessing but at the same time with six kids he is probably not wanting to have any more and I obviously do.
Why did you give Doug Clerget the First Impression Rose? 
Emily Maynard: Obviously, he is a great looking guy and so sweet, but more than anything, I know what it is like to really put yourself out there and take a chance at love and have to leave the biggest piece of your heart back home. The fact that he had enough faith in me - to leave his son back home really meant a lot to me.  I wanted him to know that it wasn't something that I took lightly.

Do you think you're "too nice" to be the Bachelorette? 
Emily Maynard: People are saying she is too this and too that because they know me and they know that I am feisty and I am sassy, and you know,  it takes a little bit for me to really feel comfortable but once I do - you know, I have never been called boring before in my normal everyday life.  That's for sure.
Are you happy with the guys you kept on the first night? 
Emily Maynard: I am so happy with all the guys that I kept.  I really had a great group of guys.  To be honest, if I could go back and maybe keep one extra, I would have kept (Randy), the guy that dressed up as a grandma, because that took a lot of guts.

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