Bachelor: Courtney and Ben spend Easter Together

If you thought that it was already over for Bachelor couple, Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson, you might be wrong. The Bachelor couple made headlines after Flajnik chose Robertson to be his bride in the show's finale, and are proving America wrong by staying together. Flajnik's business partner tweeted this week that they are “Celebrating Easter in Santa Barbara wine country with @BenFlajnik @bugrobertson" (Courtney's new twitter account). Although Flajnik recently took a solo trip to Las Vegas without his bride-to-be, the couple insists that they are still happy and in love.

Flajnik tells US Weekly "No wedding date has been set...We're engaged, dating, taking it slow. We love each other very much. It took the pressure off...We kind of looked back at some of the other Bachelor relationships that didn't work out and the reason for that is you have so much pressure to move in together and set a date and all this kind of stuff . . . Let's figure out who we are together before we do any of that and take the pressure off."

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bachelor fan said...

I wonder how long it's going to last. Everyone is being so nice to her on Twitter now and I think it's weird because you know these were the same people who talked cr@p about her.