Q&A with The Bachelor's Chris Harrison

In This NEW interview with TV Guide, Chris Harrison talks about hometown visits and Kacie B's dramatic departure.

TV Guide: What did you think of Courtney's hometown date?
Chris Harrison:
I don't think Courtney redeemed herself on the hometown date — in a lot of people's eyes she has more to do. But at least we got to see a very different human side of her. She was more contrite and she regretted the fact that she treated the women like that. Once you get away from the situation, you realize how it got the best of you and it did for her. Will she go further than that as far as apologizing and owning up to it? We'll see at the Women Tell All.


Do you think Kacie's parents sealed her fate?
Her parents are phenomenal and hopefully she's not mad [but] it just showed what a huge cultural difference there is between Ben and Kacie's family. It also exposed something else about Kacie: She's young and her dad still has a lot of power over her. Kacie was the front-runner and she completely fell out of the race in one fell swoop. I've never seen fortunes change like that. If you asked me as recently as Puerto Rico or Belize, no question she was Top 2.
You can read the full interview at http://www.tvguide.com/News/Bachelor-Chris-Harrison-1043601.aspx

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