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THE BACEHLOR - "Episode 1606" - Ben must face the always difficult task of taking two women he is fond of on the famed two-on-one date. Blakeley is supremely confident, but Rachel is intimidated and anxious. The two join Ben for a day of sexy salsa dancing. All of this comes easily to Blakeley, but Rachel feels like a third wheel on the date. After both women have alone time with him, Ben is forced to make the toughest decision of his journey so far, on "The Bachelor," MONDAY, FEBRUARY 6 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/FRANCISCO ROMAN)BLAKELEY, BEN FLAJNIK

The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 6 preview! Here's what's happening next week on The Bachelor.

Ben Flajnik takes the women to Panama: Nine excited bachelorettes travel to the exotic tropical country of Panama, but two nervous women - Blakeley and Rachel - face the dramatic two-on-one date where one of them will be sent home immediately.

1-on-1 Date with Kacie Boguskie: Ben soars in a helicopter with Kacie B. over Panama City and the Caribbean, landing on a deserted island where they spend the day, but she makes a stunning disclosure which demonstrates her ability to really open up to Ben.

Group Date: The six women on the group date trek with the Bachelor through the Panamanian jungle and end up at a small village, communicating with their inhabitants, the Emberas.

Casey Shteamer Bachelor Secret: Yes folks, another Bachelor contestant who has a boyfriend! Don't they ever learn? But this week's drama is ratcheted up when Chris faces off with Casey Shteamer about a bombshell disclosure she has failed to reveal to anyone, on "The Bachelor." (Bachelor spoiler alert! It is rumored that Casey Shteamer has a boyfriend named Michael Patak. She soon leaves the show. Ben is mad!).

More Bachelor drama: The surprises keep coming at the cocktail party when one of the shy bachelorettes decides to make her somewhat awkward move on Ben, rendering him speechless. However, Ben has the courage of his convictions, and the six women left with roses will accompany him to beautiful, blissful Belize. 

The nine women are:
Blakeley Shea, 34, VIP cocktail waitress, Charlotte, NC
Casey Shteamer, 26, trading clerk, Leawood, KS
Courtney Robertson, 28, model, Santa Monica, CA
Emily, 27, PhD student, Chapel Hill, NC
Jamie Otis, 25, registered nurse, Dryden, NY
Kacie Boguskie, 24, administrative assistant, Clarksville, TN
Lindzi Cox, 27, business development manager, Seattle, WA
Nicki, 26, dental hygienist, Hurst, TX
Rachel Trueheart, 27, fashion sales rep., New York City, NY

Source: ABC press release

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