The Bachelor: Interview with Jennifer Fritsch "I'm over Ben"

Photo: ABC

Last week on The Bachelor, Ben Flajnik unexpectantly sent Jennifer Fritsch home, brokenhearted. In this NEW media interview, here's what Jennifer had to say about her departure from The Bachelor!

Did it bother you that he eliminated you on the same night of the cocktail party where he was just kissing you earlier?
Jennifer Fritsch: Yes.  I swore up and down there was no way I was going home.  I'd also heard you know how some other people's time, some other girls, their time went with him.  And so I definitely thought there was no way.  So I had the rug pulled out from under me for sure.

What was your opinion of Courtney?
Jennifer Fritsch: I'm not sure if it's her personality that's so just, she's a little pushy.  And I didn't think that he would buy into that so easily but it looks as though he is.  And my opinion of her on when I was there, I didn't associate with her.  She wasn't a person that I said "hi" to or "bye" to or anything like that.  I knew she wasn't nice.  And so that was as far as I would take it.  Until now watching, I definitely feel a little stronger that I don't like her much. 

Do you think Courtney's there for the right reasons?
Jennifer Fritsch: I think she is definitely all about winning.  And maybe she likes Ben a little bit.  And I heard someone use the term, the "Ben pill" and she definitely took it.  As far as whether that's like real feelings, I don't know.  I definitely, she's in a different career to where yes she could come out ahead.  You know, she gets a lot of exposure and it just for her to use 'winning' all the time, it just makes sense that she's there more to be seen.  

Who do you think is a good match for Ben?
Jennifer Fritsch: I definitely think Emily would be a good match for him.  And I loved Rachel.  I think if he was definitely, since they had an awkward one on one date yes but I think the connection between them runs deeper.  I liked Kacie B.  She's a favorite.  I just think she's a little young maybe for him and doesn't have a lot of like life experience or relationship history to be someone for him.
Are you over Ben? 
Jennifer Fritsch: Oh yes, definitely over him. 
Do you really think Ben was blindsided by Courtney?
Jennifer Fritsch: What I thought about Courtney, like I said, it's watching now I have so much of a stronger opinion of her when I was there.  I just knew I didn't like her.  I wasn't mean to her.  I had to live with her and that's my personality.  So there I didn't feel as strongly the dislike as I feel now for her.  As far as the other contestants go and knowing that she skinny dips, I think it proves her character and I think we all see that.  So and it's not a good one.  
Do you think girls like Courtney will win in the end?
Jennifer Fritsch: It's so funny because sometimes you know the girls like the bad guys and maybe guys like bad girls.  And he's getting exactly that if that's who he picks.  Then if he takes her to the end so she can what she wants to win, then that's how it's going to be.  


Janice said...

Sorry Jennifer you didn't win But now seeing what he did to you(his best kisser) that last night was horrible. So move on to bigger and better men !!

Anonymous said...

I thought he was so disrespectful to you all when he went skinny dipping with Courtney and I, plus everyone else I know, believes skinny dipping isn't all they did. He and Courtney deserve each other, because he's certainly not good enough for the rest of you girls. You should all be thanking God that he sent you home.