Ben Flajnik's Bachelor Blog "I Love Lindzi"

In his NEW Bachelor Blog for People Magazine, Ben Flajnik blogs about his dates with Nicki, Courtney and Lindzi in Switzerland. Here's what he writes:

Feeling in love with Lindzi Cox: "Lindzi really started to open up to me even more. I know it's hard for her and that she likes to go for the joke before the serious moment. Sometimes it's great to be with someone who is so playful and light-hearted, but I also want to be married to someone who I can have serious discussions with and will tell me how she really feels. The last few weeks, Lindzi has been doing that. For the first time, I truly felt in love with this woman and was really looking forward to dinner to see if she was feeling the same way."

Courtney Robertson apologizes to Ben and the girls: "I was really relieved to hear Courtney admit that she could have tried harder to get along with the women. I know they were sometimes mean to her, too, but I needed to hear her say that she could have done things much differently and may have gotten much better results. I have tried this entire journey to be patient and more forgiving. Courtney was worth the patience and I was happy to feel like she turned a big corner."

Kacie B returns: "WHOA! What I wasn't prepared for was Kacie's return. I've said it before: I'm not good at breaking up with people and giving them closure. I don't have a lot of experience doing it – well, I didn't before becoming the Bachelor. Because of that, I can see why Kacie went home confused. Honestly, all of the women [eliminated] should feel that way because I wasn't necessarily at the end of the road in those relationships." 

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