Chris Harrison's Bachelor Blog "So long Shawntel Newton"


In Chris Harrison's weekly Bachelor Blog, here's what he has to say about Shawntel Newton!

"I know I’ve buried the lead in this blog by not talking about Shawntel yet, so here we go. Shawntel called and informed me that she and Ben had started a dialogue via text after he was on The Bachelorette. Shawntel told me things were going well and she would really like to see if there was more to this relationship, and that she would deeply regret not doing so. I invited her to join us in San Francisco. I obviously knew the other women wouldn’t be happy but I had no idea it would go this bad. I didn’t foresee the complete nuclear meltdown that took place once Shawntel strolled into the cocktail party that night. You all saw the result, so what I want to mention is how pivotal this moment was and how it changed the rest of the season. The ladies’ reaction was so strong Ben couldn’t help but realize just how serious these women were taking this. In return, Ben made the decision to send her home, which sent a definite message to the women that he’s equally serious and sincere about this. This gesture and the good vibe definitely carried over and followed us the following week to Park City, Utah."  Read his full blog posting at


Anonymous said...

Chris, the way you enjoyed bringing Shantel in knowing it would upset the balance in the house and the ladies was completly sexist and the smug smile on your face while bringing her in made me sick.

Treating the other women like that made them look helpless objects and was completely a male powerplay and most definately sexist.

I think you should apologize to the gals on a televised segment and then, you and your producers stop trying to game the show. It's just fine without old flames and people being interjected or made to leave and come back...all this is so bogus and transparent. Just pick the bachelor and the girls and let it happen. When you make these interjections it only says you have no faith in your product.

SSBenjamins said...

Loved it lastnight, I wish Ben would have given Shawntel a rose, I actually like her- It really did bring out the true colors of these women. CRAZY, potty mouths etc.