Ben Flajnik's Bachelor Blog- Week 2

This week, in Ben Flajnik's Bachelor Blog for People Magazine, he writes about his group dates and his one-on-one with Courtney Robertson.

Ben writes about the Group Date: "Wow. I was so excited to see how the group of women would act around the children and handle the actual performance later. I was impressed! These women owned their roles like crazy. I loved seeing this fun side to them and when we were all walking through the town square in our elaborate costumes, I was hysterical laughing with them. It's hard to describe how awesome it was to be a part of the Sonoma community theatre that night. I hope they will have me back sometime."

One-on-One with Courtney Robertson: "I was surprised that we were so lovely-dovey so early on, as it was just the start of my journey and I knew there were lots of other relationships I still needed to explore. It really helped that Scotch was a fan of Courtney's too."

The Blakely drama: "Again, more Blakely drama. Uh oh. Here's the thing. The women might have been upset at Blakely's motivation, but I found it okay in the moment. She was determined to talk to me, finish her conversation and get to know one another better. Most people won't agree with me there, but I liked her persistence" 

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