Chris Harrison Bachelor Blog Week 2!

In his Bachelor Blog for Entertainment Weekly, Chris Harrison writes about The Bachelor Episode 2. Here's what he says:

The controversial figure of the house: Courtney Robertson-
"Now we move from one controversial figure in the house to another: Courtney. From the moment she walked out of the limo she caught Ben’s eye and from the moment she walked in the house she rubbed the other women the wrong way. This week you got a great look at what will become a recurring theme, and that is the two sides of Courtney. When she’s at the house she doesn’t exactly go out of her way to ingratiate herself with the other women, but when she’s with Ben it’s another story. As you saw on their date, Ben is taken by Courtney and understandably so. The conversation between them is so easy and you can see the spark between them. Ben asked the golden question concerning Courtney several times: “Is she too good to be true?” Again this is something that will continue to play out in the weeks to come as Courtney’s relationship with Ben grows and her relationship with the ladies continues to sour."

On the Blakeley Shea Drama: "The night was officially summed up when Ben found Blakeley slumped in the corner of the luggage room crying and walked out only to find Jenna curled up crying in bed. Ben is not a big fan of drama, and this was a huge turnoff for him. He knew things would get intense eventually, but he was hoping it wasn’t going to start this early. One side note about the rose ceremony: It was freezing. It was a very cold night in Sonoma, and if you look closely you can see several of the women shivering as they stood there in the freezing temperatures." Read Chris Harrison's full Bachelor blog at!

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