The Bachelor's Monica Spannbauer Speaks out

Apparently, The Bachelor's, Monica Spannbauer, is glad she got sent home. On last week's episode, Ben Flajnik sent Monica home brokenhearted. In this new article with People Magazine, the ex-Bachelorette tells everyone why she's glad she left. 

Were you surprised you didn't get a rose?
Monica Spannbauer: Through the conversation Ben and I had, I suspected I was going home. He wasn't feeling anything for me as much as I wasn't feeling him. For the record, that's why I wore this ridiculous dress with huge red roses on it that I've had for 15 years. It was a joke like, "I already got my rose. It's on my dress."

Hoping Kacie wins then?
Watching now, I really hope he doesn't pick Kacie. I don't think he's deserving of what a kind beautiful person she is. I think he'll break her heart.  If he did pick her and they're in the blissful new relationship state, having to watch this awfulness will be detrimental. If it's Courtney [who wins], she can just slough it off and say, "Winning" and won't care.

It sounds like you don't have a very high opinion of Courtney or Ben.
This side of Ben is very disappointing. I feel like he's genuine, but the choices he's making, he's purely being a man and being manipulated. I knew he liked her, but everyone was 100 percent convinced that she was going to shoot herself in the foot on the group date because she doesn't do well with us. Read the full interview at!

Check out Monica's exit interview below! 

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